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Album Review - What People Say...
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FAIRUZ - Fan @ Gurun, Kedah
... i dah dengar the whole album, mmg "vasssssstt" and ada kelas... i love your new album... from start to finish, you just mesmerize me with your incredible talent... your vocal hums the lows and stretches the highs without any problem, and it's as clear & as pleasant to hear as it blends & compliments the beautifully arranged songs... this album is definitely a worth buy... heck RM20, i'd be buying it even if it sells at RM200!!


JARI - composer "Hanya Restu" @ USA
"... Terangkat, superb, amazing... Overall, the production was very good. It truly proves that you are a remarkably  talented and versatile artiste. Lagu rock tu yg terangkat... penyanyi rock pun tak boleh nyanyi sebaik e'kau. Cayalah... Azlan did a splendid job on the arrangement & production but of course it was your wonderful, powerful and beautiful voice that steals the show... Album ini ada international taste. Boleh pergi jauh with good marketing & proper management. Macam Indonesian album pun ada..."


ZAC - Fan @ Penang
"... bukan nak puji bukan nak 'angkat' tapi album akak memang terangkat!  Kengkawan... pun puji akak, dorang cakap suara best ... Suara akak memang boom la! Tadi malam balik... drive sesorang, bila dengar lagu Terlalu Istimewa, bergenang air mata Zac seolah-olah lagu itu hidup sangat..."


Ali - Fan @ KL
"... I first heard the first single of yours on 104.9 n fell in love immediately; your voice simple tells it all... I’ve been a long time fan of yours ever since the KLCC days n the album is like a perfect gift 2 all your fans out there (u have fans kak dib n we r always here 4 u, that u can count on us). The album is indeed terlalu istimewa dan terima kaseh kerana merakamkan semula pengorbanan. The song is beautifully rendered by u and hmm… ikan di laut asam di darat tu very freshly arranged kan, it’s starting to grow on me. I love all the songs simply because of your gifted voice (u c u don’t have to try to hard to showcase those pipes that you have unlike some other singers n that’s d thing I like about u kak dib)..."


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